Shields from pornographic are gone nowadays

Pornographic are widely exposed these days. The least we can see from tv's is holding hands and kissing has become common. As far as I remember, back in the 90's, there are intimate stuffs and scenes in the tv shows but most of all group hugging, parent hug each other, lovebirds whispers their love by watching each other eyes and etcetera. It was portrayed implicitly before. It is a commons sense that any children would know that these are series of intimacies that every human shares. It is also symbolize love in universal. Unfortunately, now it has been portrayed in straightforward form such as kissing and make out.

To make things worst, there comes internet. At the age of 8 I wouldn't know what a computer is, let alone internet. Nowadays, as young as six, children had been exposed to computers and internet.Once they know how to spell and write, they know what they want to find. After watching their siblings work out the computer games and internet, this young tiny generation start to follow blindly whatever that their siblings did or done in the internet. No matter how many times the eldest says go away, go somewhere else, gi jauh2, he/she will loyally stay and watch together with the eldest. Plus, with the innocent cute face he/she's use while begging the parents to see and permission is always granted as he or she is the dearest. How do I know? well based on my experience off course.

Here comes my story about pornographic. This story not involving mine so pardon me if you readers expect me to share my stories with porn video. wahaha.OK, all of siblings has a facebook account so do my younger sister. The account was made because she always distract others account only to play farmville, farmtown mini games like that. She was fully monitored when she is surfing the internet. That is because one of my siblings always sit with her while playing the computer and surfing the internet. After a few months my siblings stops sitting with her because she's basically know the fundamentals of surfing the net. For examples, how to log in, what is her own password and username and etc. facebook, myspace, friendster and other sites has been bookmarked in the computer. She will only need to double-click the icon and it will pop out on the screen. Wow, I am soo high tech compared to my classmates! says my sister in her minds, as it well read by us,the great eldest. Haha

Usually, my sister tend to play mini flash games on facebook but one day, she start doing the quizzes on facebook. To my horror, she did a quiz on what random sex object are you. OT! a.k.a OMG! Where she got the quiz I don't know. As far as I remember, I didn't do quizzes like that. If it appears on my wall or stuff but NO, we all the siblings wouldn't even waste our times doing quizzes like that. I don't think they would know what is sex object at the first place but then my youngest sister did the quiz and obtained the result.

Rachun Donia!

For those who cannot see the picture, she was taken the quiz on what random sex object are you and obtained result pink rubber dildo. With the descriptions, 'You are the original rubber dildo! You are original, plain,simple yet classy! You are not high-tech or crazy! bla bla bla the rest is censored as me myself wanna puke after reading that. So basically the quiz is about portraying how you are in s*x. Blergh.

The best part is, she even sent the invitation of this quiz to several cousins,friends including me. My cousins who got the quiz invitation were shocked and quickly gave us a call and asked us to monitored this naive person from time to time. Hehe. After a short lecture and histerical laughs from us, we decided to close the case and be EXTRA careful when she is surfing the net. Wahaha adoi sakit perut gelak.

Killing me softly by HTML,CSS

I haven't start working yet so I got plenty of time to be killed. After heavenly
lazy-ing for four months, I found that I'm too tired to lazy-ing anymore. I start to wake up early and cutting off my afternoon's sleeps. This is the fact that boredom grew bigger and bigger from time to time. It feel's like it is going to explode anytime. Must be worst than ever made bomb then. So what I did to make myself occupied is by learning. I started to read this book two days ago and and working very hard to finish reading the content cover to cover.

This is the book that I've been reading for past two days. I read this book because I am so dumb when it comes to HTML,CSS coding and stuff. I love updating my blog and the layouts but then I have to asks my sister to tweaking the codes for me. So I decided to learn about the codes by myself.

As for TESL students who devoured learning about linguistics, facts and theory, I found that HTML,CSS syntax really kills. Not only kills my time but my brain as well. Before this I thought the codes are hard to understand. After reading few pages from this book, the codes are actually a set of fixed syntax that can be read by the browser and we have to understand this sets of codes and how it works. The codes is simple but it always in details. Once a simple 'code' or 'bracket' is missing, then it will not come out as what we wish. The sets must be correct all the time and we have to be patient by continuously edit our codes in order to get it right.

This entry it is kinda boring coz I'm going to be an IT-nerds throughout this month. Oh yes some may know that my special friend is taking IT course and why not ask him to tweaking those codes and the answer is we are literally very,very far from each other at the moment so the help from him seems impossible right now. Expect shitty layouts and updates from the blog after this coz I have to experimenting with the codes. Till then.


Convocation Day as an IPTS'ER

On the 31st October 2009, I was officially graduated from UNISEL in a
little-bit-need-to-be-improved graduation ceremony. hehe At first, I just feel
plain ordinary just like I'm going through an ordinary day. After my father parked
the car, we have to walk about 200 metres to the main hall which was okay
because almost all parents and graduates were walking as well.Once we arrivedat the Main Hall, I called wani and we both sailed trough the crowd and register
ourselves. After finished registered, wani said' rock pakai la baju convo' and
quickly I wear my robe and hat. I left her and kurin then went to the spot where
my family was waiting.

This time where all graduation's feeling starts. Suddenly
when my parents saw me in red maharaja's robe and hat, both my mak and abah
were excited and says, jom tangkap gambar. cepat2. My mak was in her glaring
eyes that filled with excitements and proud not the usual glaring eyes that I've
confronted when I am screwed and misbehaved. Same goes to my father. He
keeps smiling as never before as he's always try his best to hide his insufficient
teeth. haha. Eh I only graduated from small private university and they look
happy like that. Can't imagine if I was graduated from universities in overseas.
Only God knows how they would react during my convocation. Must be wild then.

Ok, ever since I started the courses, I would never expected that my
parents will turn out to be surprisingly happy and proud during my convocation
day. In this case, I will try my best to get into local IPTA'S for masters to witness
their reactions later. Perhaps it will make their blood-pressure gone high due to
something positive. I was once made my mak's BP gone high and cause one of
the arteries in the eyes got teared because I have shocked her with my
dangerous cornering during driving practice two years back. Come to think
about that, I always gave them heart-wrenching moment rather
than pure satisfaction and calm one. Damn you lame daughter. hehe

Hahaha the 'xbleh blah' convocation's robe.

p/s: My cousin once asked me after looking this picture, 'Weh kenapa ang konvo kat ladang kelapa sawit? damn u. wahaha

Back on track

It's been awhile since I didn't post anything on this blog. This is because I don't want anything shitty and craps such as hatred and emo contents, mentally shutdown writings and etc. Anything emotionally, crappy and shitty will be on my tumblr. I made it as my virtual diary for the time being. From now on, perhaps in this blog I will come up with issues that is worth written in here.
I will try to keep the blog updated as my sister always bugging me up for not updating my blog frequently. Till then.

Sudden thoughts

This one part of 'life' is always messed up with dirt and hopeless.

The 'love' life

normal normal for me

I got back my youthful days (at times)

Ok this entry is about FRIENDSHIP again. Off course when you already finish studying, it's guite hard for us to always get together with your friends. Now,chances to meet them up is very very valuable. Hard as meeting my favourite artist/actor/musicians in a mall nowadays. wahaha. But still I am grateful because almost all friends are active visitor of social networking sites a.k.a kuat online so still I got chance chat and gossiping with them. Hope that we're able to bump to each other from time to time. Wish God will always granted us CHANCES to meet.

11th September 2009

Venue: Restoran Bonda, Kepong

Food Rate: 4 Mercury stars

Menu Phamplet Rate: 1/2 moon

I got the chance to breaking fast together with my friends@classmates. It was one of my routine back in university years and now, my routine has become 'opportunity' if I want to eat together with them. Me and my friends values makan2 as any of proud malaysian does and it portrays our spirit in friendship. wakaka

ize and wani meme and me

The food


My picture is a bit blurry. Nevermind lah.Bukan sedutan gambar Keliwon mahupun Tower 13 ok?)

Wish list


Before this I always think that wishlist is a bunch of dreams. As my I'm getting matured by numbers, (I'll be twenty-two on the ninth of september) I've changed my opinion. Wishlist is a bunch of goals. I'll definitely will aim and hunt for it baby. yeah~!


I always wanted a pc. I rather feel comfortable with laptop but as we all know, we can always upgrade our pc and adding new parts as we wish. Off course it will call 'pc rojak' because I 'll choose all of the best parts that are highly recommended. Estimated cost for a new pc: RM1500


I'm attracted with this phone. This phone doesn't cost much(cheaper than samsung OMNIA and I phone) yet the functions are quite the same with that both models. Click here if you want to see the specifications of this phone. I rather say that the price factor make me in love with this phone.haha Estimated cost: RM1100


A new gadgets for my music. The wanting level of this thing is rather higher than the otherthings in the wishlist. As for me, the sound quality of an IPOD are really superb and even the boring rock songs that I've listen for almost a thousand times in radio still sound nicer if it's played in an IPOD. Doesn't matter if it's nano or touch or classic or whatsoever, as long it's IPOD.

Estimated cost: RM 800++ (not sure la the current price)

4. Compact Car (2nd hand)

History: These two models were my initial wish of having what car back three years ago when I got my license. Unfortunately, my parents objected the idea of having a compact car because of aaa the 'solidness' of these two models fail to convince my parents about driver's safety on the road. I do want this model although they are quite old and new viva are already up with some additional improvements of a compact car, but still I want either one of this two models.

It is not that I plan to have this car as my new transport and get rid of my wira.No, it is not like that. It just as long as I have this car park in front of my house and I get to have a look to it everyday,drive it once in a while around the neighbourhood then it's fine. As long as I have it.
waa my life as a slow-driver will be complete if I have either this two model. It is the matter of not having what you want in back years and planning to get it in the future.

Estimated cost: RM20,000

That's all for now I guess. I plan to have goals before I officially start working later. I plan to achieve all this things in the wishlist in estimated 2 years time or possibly, the longest period will be before I'm getting maried. I know it when I'm getting married it is almost impossible to get things on your own because we will always have to sacrifice our money to the beloved family, like our parents did when they were funding us when we were young plus, during our bachelor years.

Another thoughts on love - the heart need their rest too after too much of one-sided commitment

Staying silent, less involvements, less efforts on significant other

are way to go to complete peace of heart and mind.

As lethargic as it may sounds, it is way better than the heart got hurt all the


Emotionless mode = no mercy mode

kerana di tagged

A - is for the last person that made you ANGRY: xde
B - is for BEER you prefer: Rootbeer
C - is for do you have a CAT? : My grandma's cat. Four of them
D - is for can you DANCE? : Definitely no.I'm worst than a stick
E - is for do you have your EARS pierced? : Yup.
F - is for your best FRIEND? : All of them are bestest!
G - is for did you ever watch GUTS on Nickelodeon? : No
H - is for the last person who HUGGED you? : *ehem*
I - is for close your eyes.. what IMAGE do you see? : Doors of light
J - is for have you ever been to JAIL? : never been there
K - is for when is the last time you flew a KITE? : Not even once..
L - is for your first LOVE : ba'ah
M - is for the last piece of MAIL you got? : em..can't remember
N - is for do you remember NERF guns? : I do have toy guns
O - is for do you OWN a car?: already have
P - is for your favorite PASTTIME? : surfing internet,watching dramas bla bla
Q - is for do you like peace & QUIET? : Love it!.
R - is for do you like the color RED? : my mum's favourite
S - is for how many hours of SLEEP you need to function? : 10 then it will be enough
T - is for what TIME is it? : 2.00 P.M afternoon
U - is for what is UNDER your bed? : Floors
V - is for what you did last VALENTINES day : emm lunch date with my friends
W - is for do you drink a lot of WATER? : luv it!
X - is for have you ever had an X-RAY? : last year. I thought that I broke my neck
Y - is for the last person you YELLED at? : Siblings
Z - is for have you ever watched ZORRO?: Yeah!! Love it


Luckily, during my 'grounded' days at home I found nice song to be listen to. This time, a friend of mine meme had suggest me to listen to Lenka's. Other tracks than lenka's famous single, 'the show'. I had listen to the whole album and found out that I'm in love with almost all tracks in the album. The reason why I love Lenka's songs is because of her lyrics are thoughtful and the melody is unique. Bonus,I'm touched after listening to her songs. Clap2. It's a bit hard for me to fall in love with almost all tracks in an album of pop genre after recent Katy Perry and Miley cyrus,. All I know is rock and metal which are my passion. Eceh!. Lenka seems to be my newest favourites from pop genre. Nowadays, it is hard to find pop songs and singer that captures my heart after the glamorous years of the backstreet boys, nsync and ecetera. I hope that more and more masterpieces will be produce by these talented people in the future and more talented people who possesed their uniqueness in music will show up. Seriously I am strongly againts stereotypes, copycat, adaptation, similar or what-so-ever word that shares the same meaning with 'same' in music. There is no need to copy others. We are already unique by the way.

Click here to LISTEN


In my opinion, a partner should not be treated this way.

1. A killer of your extreme boredom.

2. The last thing to be seek off after you have nothing better to do.

3. Partner for fantasizing.

4. A lover when you're unstable, a monument when you're already stable.


3 days without a contact from him. I want to stay silent and make it

more days from the day on.

The devotion has become meaningless to him day by day.

You can skip this simple responsibility and so do I.

The letter of (temporary)resignation from any participation of outdoor activities

Due to the rise cases of H1N1,her beloved parents has made the unchangeable cruellest decision ever to this flight-soul young adults.This decision has made because of her poor antibody. Her mother has forbid her from going out 10km far from house at the moment. She also has been forbid from going to any shopping malls that are the center of people's attraction whereby all of the coollest activity that become her passion were all under it. Here she wants to apologize for those who has invited her or planning to invite her coz she can't activate herself at the moment. She will be right back soon. Very soon as she hopes so.


Flight-soul of Nurul Izzati Fuad

kepada areja

xsangka ko menyukai rapikan2 ( hasil merapik) aku. haha.
Lagi2 hasil rapikan itu wat ko inspired lak. Akan aku merapik dgn lebeh hebat lg di masa akan dtg.

thanks thanks thanks.

Disini aku mempamerkan blog entry ko untuk tatapan umum. Sebagai langkah2 promosi blog ko dan bidang lomography yg ko perjuangkan.

(p/s sumpah xpromosi edel!.haha)

Terus ber-lomo dan meng-edit gambar2 hebat!

link ke blog beliau ada di sebelah.Rajin2 la ye.


20 perkara

areja tag aku untuk 20 perkara yang orang xtau pasal semasa kecil aku. baek2. Aku karang elok2.

(p/s thanks areja tag aku)

1. Masa aku kecik, aku duduk kat kampong mak aku. Adalah sampai umor 6 taun. Dekat kampong sgt bebas. Atuk nenek xpenah larang nak wat apa pun.ho ho

2. Aku blaja naek beskal umor 2 taun. beskal aku warna biru. Awal2 naek beskal roda 4 la apa lg. Start cabot tayar sokongan tu masa umor 5 taun akibat jeles dgn cucu nenek jiran yg menaiki beskal tanpa tayar sokongan. Duhh padahal dia dh sek rendah. Memula cabot tayar sokongan tu tersembam gak la aku dgn muka menghadap pokok kunyit nenek aku.hehe

3. Ada 3 sepupu nih aku sgt rapat dgn diorng. Partner in crime nih. didi, benji and wani. maen bersama2. didi, tua setaun dr aku dia la kepala. mcm aktiviti di pikirkannye. kami yg lain ikot je.

4. Masa kecik aku xmaen permainan pompuan. ada ar abah aku belikan anak patung ke bear tp xbrp layan sgt la.aku slalu mntak abah belikan permainan lelaki mcm superman, ultraman, star wars,power rangers, transformers, askar2, jetfighter dan pelbagai lg yg hot tatkala itu. Pasal berpakaian lak aku suka pakai tshirt n berseluar dr pakai gown. Rambut sentiasa dipotong pendek and kalo nak kuar msti pakai topi. Tshirt aku msti nak yg ada poket kat dada. senang aku nak letak duit 20sen yg aku mntak kat atuk.

5. masa gi tadika aku sgt liat sekali bgn pagi.kmpong aku kat taiping, kwsn terlembab malaysia. bapak la sejukk. lg2 kalo ujan di pg hri.rsnye tiap2 pagi kot atuk aku kok-kong(aku xtau korg pggil apa, mcm piggyride tuh) n bwk ke bilik mandi. aku xsuka gosok gigi gak dulu. nenek aku letak ubat gigi aku gi berus pintu bilik mandi time nenek xnmpk. haha kesan berusan maseh ada kat bilik mndi kat kmpong aku tu.

6. Aku tadika kat tadika eh tabika kemas. sume org gi tadika abah,mak, atuk diorg anta naek beskal. ada gak la naek moto tp xramai.sungguh humble org2 kampong. pagi2 penuh beskal kat dpn tadika sbb sume org anta anak memasing. aku gi tadika mak ngah aku anta. aku xmau atuk anta sbb dia suka sembang2 dgn cikgu. aku maloo~

6.aku sgt suka nonton tv. masa tadika aku xreti baca lg. xtau tgk rancangan televisyen kat sokkabar. so aku hafal sume hari n time2 cite faveret aku tuh dr tgk iklan kat tv. masa tuh aku sgt menyayangi RTM krn critanye sungguh best2 belaka. xmcm sekarang.hmm..

7. Oleh sbb aku duduk dgn atuk nenek, mak abah aku akan slalu dtg jengok aku dlm sebln sekali kot.diorg balik msti smpi jumaat ptg cmtu. sepupu aku didi lak kalo mak abah aku balik, dia msti nak kena amik dgn kereta. time tu dia darjah 1 and skolah ptg. Masa tu naek kereta mcm sgt hebat. time tu lak keta proton saga sgt femes. aku kalo abah aku anta gi tadika naek keta. gile seronok.sengihh smpi balik.hahaha bongok ehh.

8. Aku slalu nanges bila mak abah aku nak balik kl balik. nenek slalu bgtau mak dgn abah aku keje. diorg xbleh cuti lama2. Aku nanges sbb nak ikut nak naek keta.hahaha bengong. untuk memujuk, mak aku slalu beli anggur,ribena, horlicks,cokelat, kek.abah lak belikan mainan kat pasar minggu. memula sblum mak aku nak belikan tu dh suh janji jgn nanges.beriya2 janji.last2 diorg start enjin je aku nanges.haha

9. Bab jalan2, aku slalu ikut atuk aku gi town, bandar taiping. Nenek aku akan siapkan bagi pakai bedak and kalo kuar msti bertopi. gi naek moto smpi kat simpang tu atuk aku tinggal moto dia kat sebuah kedai beskal cina. then kitorng jalan kaki gi bus stop. naek bus gi town. smpi2 town seingat aku,atuk aku bwk jmpa kwn2 dia dulu. atuk aku suka sembang.
dh bosan aku tarik kot dia( atuk aku gi jln2 pakai kot) baru la dia bwk gi mkn.

10.Atuk aku suka mkn. kalo gi jln xsah xmkn. Makan lak kat kedai mamak atau pun kat kandaq. sebuah food court kat town taiping tu. aku xingt aku mkn ape mee mamak kot. atuk aku mkn nasi kat gerai org minangkabau ni. faveret place dia. dah abes mkn atuk beli lauk, murtabak, popiah basah bwk balik utk nenek di rumah.

11. dulu2 aku slalu mntak duit 20sen kat atuk then gi kedai beli keropok,coklat, eskrem. dlm sehari tu ada 3 kali kot aku mntak duit.atuk aku lak xpenah xbagi. dgn nenek ssh sikit. nenek aku garang.Ada sekali akibat fanatik tgk cite Robinhood lakonan kevin costner, aku nak set panah.set panah tu agak mahal. RM15.(time tu RM 15 agak besar nilainye). Nak beli kena tunggu mak abah aku balik kampong la.hri2 aku cite kat nenek aku.agaknye nenek bgtau atuk kot. Senyap2 atuk aku belikan.punye la seronok. Abes pokok2 keliling umah aku panah.

12. Masa kecik aku suka tgk keretapi lalu. rail keretapi dekat je.naek beskal je gi n tgk keretapi lalu.kadang2 kalo drebar keretapi tu bukak tingkap, aku lambai la. tah knp la minat sgt. sbb aku suka keretapi, aku mintak abah aku beli set keretapi.mmng seronok pasang2 then xjemu2 tgk keretapi tu jalan smpi abes bateri.

13. mlm2 kalo aku xtido lg, nenek aku suka takot2kan aku ckp ' ngiauw2 tngkap dia, kucing itam tangkap dia' haha aku lak cepat2 pejam mata dgn rapat sbb takot kalo xtido lg nnti kucheng itam tangkap.haha

14. Aku pindah kelana jaya masa nak masuk darjah 1. memula mmng menghadapi kesukaran sbb aku tau ckp loghat utara je lama2 bru tau ckp loghat org sini. First time kot aku naek keta ke kl. Dulu perjalanan agak lama sbb highway utara-selatan xsiap lg. Dlm keta abah aku suka pasang lagu2 rock kapak n rock cintan 80-an. Start dr situ suka lagu2 rock. hee~

15. Time sekolah rendah aku agak tersekat. xbebas mcm kat kampong. Akibat xbleh bebas, aku mntak abah aku beli komik utk di baca. dlm seminggu 2x beli komik. Time tu aku dah stop beli mainan n start gile baca komik lak. biasa la time tu komik disney,doraemon, shin chan, dragon ball,sailormoon dan bermcm lg.Aku mnjd xactive berekspedisi lg dan hanye byk mmbaca di romah.

16. Masa sekolah rendah aku agak mmberontak. slalu menyakat n wat adik2 nanges,memukul adik2 akibat xpuas hati. dulu mmng sgt jahat.slalu di marahi ibubapa. harharhar

17. Atuk dgn nenek aku dtg duduk kat kelana jaya gak sbb bulan2 pertama aku berhijrah tu diorg jd sgt diorg pun berhijrah sini. sgt bahagia sekali.

18. bila cuti sekolah aku, atuk n nenek, adik2 sume balik kampong naek keretapi. sgt nostalgic. naek kat stesen keretapi kuala lumpur tuh.dulu stesen keretapi sgt sesak,sgt meriah. Ada mcm2 org yg semuanya tinggi2 dr aku.haha. 3mnggu lps aku gi stesen tu naek komuter dgn meme, sgt sunyi stesen keretapi tu. terbiar je. sedeh.

19. Masa kat kj aku tetap suka berbasikal slps abah aku beli basikal baru. Basikal biru yg masa kat kampong tu aku ada bwk dtg kj. tp bila dh besar nak naek beskal lg besar. basikal biru tu tersadai je sbb adik2 aku lak maseh baby.

20.Cuti sekolah aku tetap balik kampong.kdg2 dduk smpi sebulan. bila aku balik baru la sepupu2 aku yg lain tu mengaktifkan diri. Dulu ada papan2 lebeh sbb pakcik aku renovate umah. Aku amik hammer n paku atuk then memaku papan2 tersebut utk dibuat pondok. Pondok tu kami wat mcm spaceship(fanatik star wars punye psl.haha). Sepupu aku didi jadi driver spaceship kami. Aku dgn benji tgk coordination. (Player piring hitam abah aku yg rosak kami wat panel spaceship.Adjust2 coordinate kat situ la.) wani lak tecnician. Kalo spaceship kena tembak dia wat aksi repair2 dgn mengetuk pakai hammer.hahaha


sesungguhnye time kanak2 sungguh gile,bangang dan pelbagai lg la yg sewaktu dgn nya. xcukup doploh kalo nak crita semua nya.haha. sekian.

disini aku tag adeq farhana, meme, adila, marlina and zulkarnain azman


I luv exploring every kinds of music's genre. Last month a friend of mine introduced me to genre call post-rock.I luv this genre because it never fails to hypnotized me with da beautiful melody. Mostly songs dat in this genre were instrumentals or less stress on vocals aspect and compared to the melody.But still, da lyrics are beautiful and carries deeper meaning to those who luv to diggin it.I'm still new to this genre and pardon me if I have made a wrong descriptions about it. u can always refer to wikipedia for any other information. These three bands are my current favourites at the moment.


This are band are local bands of post-rock dat I knew at the moment.
Well I'm still diggin into this new musics and hope there is other local bands out there dat carries this genre. I intended to watch them play at the KL urbanscape last june but sadly I'm fully occupied with my term paper and have to settle tons of work before I ended my degree. One song from them, hush, the dead are dreaming are enough for me to fall in love with this genre. After listening to other tracks from the album, twilight chase the sun, I found dat each tracks possesed their own uniqueness and shows a lot of effort in order to create these such beautiful melody.As for this band, I hope dat they will not stop in composing songs and I'm waitin for their second album. All da best for this band!

click here to listen


The tunes of piano in every song from this band are sooo beautiful. I wish dat I able to play their song on the piano. I wonder what kind of soul dat they might have while composing da song. Apart from piano tunes of every song, da drum part, guitar are all soulful and never fails to hynotize da listener. Most of da song are instrumental but there are songs dat have vocals part like travel is dangerous. I'm currently listening to almost all mogwai's song and I found dat I'm addicted to these two tracks. Friend of the night and travel is dangerous.For those who tired of listening to crappy lyrics,rapping, continuously singing and just want to relax enjoying instrumental song, I suggest for you to listen to mogwai. Enjoy!

Mogwai - friend of the night

Mogwai - travel is dangerous


Sigur ros is a post-rock band from Iceland with a meldic, classical and minimalist elements. The band is known for ethereal sound and lead singer Jónsi Birgisson's falsetto voice. Yeap falsetto.
voice like ning baizura or tarja turunen ex-singer nightwish. I only started listened to the songs from band last few days. I'm in love with their song staralfur. The song are very beautiful and relaxing. Because of the band are from Iceland, the songs are all in Icelandish and hopelandish, language of Iceland. If I'm not mistaken, there are songs in english.. I'm not quite about this. I'm still diggin da songs. Overall, I love da melody. Only one word is enough for all da songs from this genre(post-rock). They are all BEAUTIFUL. ho ho

Sigur ros - staralfur


After listening to the genre for about a month, I've found dat da songs are all slow song dat the tone will rise gradually until the end of da song. Listening to this genre really taught me to be patient and relax. I found dat it can a theraphy for me if I in stress moody and etcetera. There are a lot of theraphy out there and we just need to explore and try each one of them until we found one dat suits us da most. Some of us take shopping, reading as their theraphy in handling stressful life but as for me, I do enjoy in this way, by listening to musics. Wish I have an Ipod so I can store thousands of songs as I treasure them from time to time.

I love hunting good musics. It's kinda one of my passion.Luv it!

So, Let's Chillax !

p/s: Word spoken by dude from twilight. Can't remember his name. I think it is a combination of word chill an relax. Maybe.


hari ni menulis dlm bahasa melayu yg mls aku bapak la skema.
bahan gelakan je kang. hrini saje nk bg credits kpd adik aku yg edit2 html bagai kat blog ni.
siut je budak2 skrg.bru umor 14 dh tau bab2 html shit2 ni sume.haha
aku umor 14thn dulu haram xkenal pe jadah nye html2 ni.
tp aku umor 14thn dh naek LRT,bus,teksi sorg2.kdg2 dgn kwn2.bangge2.
adik aku haram xdibagi kuar.yelah byk kes rogol sana sini.xmcm zaman aku dulu.

lain dah dunia aku dh sgt tua lak.

unchange routine of a teacher during practicum (reversed)

As I entered my house in rawang, bringing usual nasi lemak on that maghrib just coming back from school. After I washed my hands and start to wrap off the nasi lemak, syu my housemate says something to me.
'Rock,jom kuar'
Gi mana? I replied.
'Gi ar mana2. rock perasan x sejak praktikal ni, blik skolah, ngadap laptop, klau xngadap laptop,krohh krohh. asik benda yg sama je.syu dh bosan..'


Dat's my life during practicum. suddenly, I remembered those few words from my ex housemate, syu tonite. Hope she doing well at her hometown.
I remembered we went to mcd dat nite. Eating ice-creams and pie to enjoy a lil bit.Dat shows how bored we were. Got wrapped by tensions some more.Now I already finish my practicum.
My heads are crystal clear.hehe. or in other word, empty..
Yeap, da emptiness is still taste inside.

Miss rawang a lot.
Luv u all in Rawang
Wish u all da best among da best.


All my plans started when I got a job. Now I don't live. I just exist. Dat's how I wanted it to be.

Before this I've planned to relax for a month but now I decided to relax for only 2 weeks only.

Enough rest I guess. Started to feel boredddd already.huu.

After I got a job, i feel like enroll to guitar class. I just learned from books and youtube. Not enough I think. I want to learn guitar seriously. I have a guitar complete with the case, a gift from a


Now its very dusty as I left it on the corner of my room for about 2 years I guess. fuh.

2nd plan would be learning how to cook. Take cooking seriously, learn every daily recipes first

then baking. I love eating.Dat's for sure.

3rd, learning a few other languages. I want to learn japanese and finnish.haha Ville valo punye


4th, read ebooks.I want to finish reading all ebooks on my hard disk.

I think dat's all for now.

Byk sgt plan kang haram xterbuat. hmphh.



It's been 2 weeks since I ended my degree. I have met bunch of my school mates in my hometown. we had a wonderful outing and chatted and laughed a lot. They're all grown up already. Me?I'm still actin like a kid.sempoi dress up, talkin all craps,laughin and laughin. Unlike them, they take adulthood as serious business. Dress up a lot more like a lady. Yeah we've approached22 already.

Me? yeah, I do grown up. Growing up processes never stop in me as it grows rapidly in minds. I might think farther thanm you although I look immature and shorter. heh. Who knows? Pls again don't judge a book by its cover. Pathetic ya know. Judge others based on their thinkin and experience. Now dat's cool.

peace out

nyanyi di lautan.shitty.

I surely think that I am mature but do my minds out of sanity?

Gotta 'refill it' up later


ends and empty

4 years back I've travelled to unisel to further my study and now, it's already the end.Thousands of people,experience that i've been through all this time. now i'm content,prepared to face da world compared to last 4 years. thanks to my mum after all of her sacrifices on funding my studies these 4 years. The day i ended my practicum, the day I submitted my term paper were da last few days of me as a student. I feel soulless.I'm cool wif emptiness before but this time it really kills. Feels like all my spirits were gone.Looking my pathetic condition,glow suggested watch transformers dat evening. Although da movie are extremely fun as i am a huge fan of transformers, i don't feel a thing. da sadness, emptiness are very thick and not a single pleasure,happiness able to inject this soulless body. I'm in grief. I admit it.This 'thing' running in my blood for all this time and now they are all gone.I'm not good in coping with changes. I wish it could be so simple and just deal wif it.But it is not. Not at all.

My everyday wish

My last post was on july 2008! damn old! Now it's already april 2009 and i'm just finish my first frustrated month of practicum.argh! what a nightmare.Dealing with all lesson plans and pupils and not to forget, struggling in performing up to supervisor's expectations. Live up to people's expectations is something that I always fail to do so.Thats the problem.Aiyoh.. Even worst, I am more frustrated with myself, all of these bad habits and behaviors that I couldn't be bothered to change it.(last minute work, poor time management etc etc)..they're all lead to this current's failure(s) and lost. *sigh. It's never to late to change. Always pujuk myself like it's gonna happen soon.4 years of heavenly lazy-ing and u just want to change it in a day? ambitious seyhh.still working out really hard of all things around me..and yeah, still waiting for a lot more of wake-up-calls to ends all this COZ I hate to be unprepared at school.It'll make me looks fuckin stupid and hideous than other hideous creatures in da world.uhuk2.Always feels like wanna jumping off da school's sink.huhu. what to do? You've just successfully drowning yourself in your own massive mess than. aiyohh. Here I just need to cha-cha-change CHANGE!!
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