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Before this I always think that wishlist is a bunch of dreams. As my I'm getting matured by numbers, (I'll be twenty-two on the ninth of september) I've changed my opinion. Wishlist is a bunch of goals. I'll definitely will aim and hunt for it baby. yeah~!


I always wanted a pc. I rather feel comfortable with laptop but as we all know, we can always upgrade our pc and adding new parts as we wish. Off course it will call 'pc rojak' because I 'll choose all of the best parts that are highly recommended. Estimated cost for a new pc: RM1500


I'm attracted with this phone. This phone doesn't cost much(cheaper than samsung OMNIA and I phone) yet the functions are quite the same with that both models. Click here if you want to see the specifications of this phone. I rather say that the price factor make me in love with this phone.haha Estimated cost: RM1100


A new gadgets for my music. The wanting level of this thing is rather higher than the otherthings in the wishlist. As for me, the sound quality of an IPOD are really superb and even the boring rock songs that I've listen for almost a thousand times in radio still sound nicer if it's played in an IPOD. Doesn't matter if it's nano or touch or classic or whatsoever, as long it's IPOD.

Estimated cost: RM 800++ (not sure la the current price)

4. Compact Car (2nd hand)

History: These two models were my initial wish of having what car back three years ago when I got my license. Unfortunately, my parents objected the idea of having a compact car because of aaa the 'solidness' of these two models fail to convince my parents about driver's safety on the road. I do want this model although they are quite old and new viva are already up with some additional improvements of a compact car, but still I want either one of this two models.

It is not that I plan to have this car as my new transport and get rid of my wira.No, it is not like that. It just as long as I have this car park in front of my house and I get to have a look to it everyday,drive it once in a while around the neighbourhood then it's fine. As long as I have it.
waa my life as a slow-driver will be complete if I have either this two model. It is the matter of not having what you want in back years and planning to get it in the future.

Estimated cost: RM20,000

That's all for now I guess. I plan to have goals before I officially start working later. I plan to achieve all this things in the wishlist in estimated 2 years time or possibly, the longest period will be before I'm getting maried. I know it when I'm getting married it is almost impossible to get things on your own because we will always have to sacrifice our money to the beloved family, like our parents did when they were funding us when we were young plus, during our bachelor years.

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