Killing me softly by HTML,CSS

I haven't start working yet so I got plenty of time to be killed. After heavenly
lazy-ing for four months, I found that I'm too tired to lazy-ing anymore. I start to wake up early and cutting off my afternoon's sleeps. This is the fact that boredom grew bigger and bigger from time to time. It feel's like it is going to explode anytime. Must be worst than ever made bomb then. So what I did to make myself occupied is by learning. I started to read this book two days ago and and working very hard to finish reading the content cover to cover.

This is the book that I've been reading for past two days. I read this book because I am so dumb when it comes to HTML,CSS coding and stuff. I love updating my blog and the layouts but then I have to asks my sister to tweaking the codes for me. So I decided to learn about the codes by myself.

As for TESL students who devoured learning about linguistics, facts and theory, I found that HTML,CSS syntax really kills. Not only kills my time but my brain as well. Before this I thought the codes are hard to understand. After reading few pages from this book, the codes are actually a set of fixed syntax that can be read by the browser and we have to understand this sets of codes and how it works. The codes is simple but it always in details. Once a simple 'code' or 'bracket' is missing, then it will not come out as what we wish. The sets must be correct all the time and we have to be patient by continuously edit our codes in order to get it right.

This entry it is kinda boring coz I'm going to be an IT-nerds throughout this month. Oh yes some may know that my special friend is taking IT course and why not ask him to tweaking those codes and the answer is we are literally very,very far from each other at the moment so the help from him seems impossible right now. Expect shitty layouts and updates from the blog after this coz I have to experimenting with the codes. Till then.


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