I got back my youthful days (at times)

Ok this entry is about FRIENDSHIP again. Off course when you already finish studying, it's guite hard for us to always get together with your friends. Now,chances to meet them up is very very valuable. Hard as meeting my favourite artist/actor/musicians in a mall nowadays. wahaha. But still I am grateful because almost all friends are active visitor of social networking sites a.k.a kuat online so still I got chance chat and gossiping with them. Hope that we're able to bump to each other from time to time. Wish God will always granted us CHANCES to meet.

11th September 2009

Venue: Restoran Bonda, Kepong

Food Rate: 4 Mercury stars

Menu Phamplet Rate: 1/2 moon

I got the chance to breaking fast together with my friends@classmates. It was one of my routine back in university years and now, my routine has become 'opportunity' if I want to eat together with them. Me and my friends values makan2 as any of proud malaysian does and it portrays our spirit in friendship. wakaka

ize and wani meme and me

The food


My picture is a bit blurry. Nevermind lah.Bukan sedutan gambar Keliwon mahupun Tower 13 ok?)

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