Luckily, during my 'grounded' days at home I found nice song to be listen to. This time, a friend of mine meme had suggest me to listen to Lenka's. Other tracks than lenka's famous single, 'the show'. I had listen to the whole album and found out that I'm in love with almost all tracks in the album. The reason why I love Lenka's songs is because of her lyrics are thoughtful and the melody is unique. Bonus,I'm touched after listening to her songs. Clap2. It's a bit hard for me to fall in love with almost all tracks in an album of pop genre after recent Katy Perry and Miley cyrus,. All I know is rock and metal which are my passion. Eceh!. Lenka seems to be my newest favourites from pop genre. Nowadays, it is hard to find pop songs and singer that captures my heart after the glamorous years of the backstreet boys, nsync and ecetera. I hope that more and more masterpieces will be produce by these talented people in the future and more talented people who possesed their uniqueness in music will show up. Seriously I am strongly againts stereotypes, copycat, adaptation, similar or what-so-ever word that shares the same meaning with 'same' in music. There is no need to copy others. We are already unique by the way.

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