ends and empty

4 years back I've travelled to unisel to further my study and now, it's already the end.Thousands of people,experience that i've been through all this time. now i'm content,prepared to face da world compared to last 4 years. thanks to my mum after all of her sacrifices on funding my studies these 4 years. The day i ended my practicum, the day I submitted my term paper were da last few days of me as a student. I feel soulless.I'm cool wif emptiness before but this time it really kills. Feels like all my spirits were gone.Looking my pathetic condition,glow suggested watch transformers dat evening. Although da movie are extremely fun as i am a huge fan of transformers, i don't feel a thing. da sadness, emptiness are very thick and not a single pleasure,happiness able to inject this soulless body. I'm in grief. I admit it.This 'thing' running in my blood for all this time and now they are all gone.I'm not good in coping with changes. I wish it could be so simple and just deal wif it.But it is not. Not at all.

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