All my plans started when I got a job. Now I don't live. I just exist. Dat's how I wanted it to be.

Before this I've planned to relax for a month but now I decided to relax for only 2 weeks only.

Enough rest I guess. Started to feel boredddd already.huu.

After I got a job, i feel like enroll to guitar class. I just learned from books and youtube. Not enough I think. I want to learn guitar seriously. I have a guitar complete with the case, a gift from a


Now its very dusty as I left it on the corner of my room for about 2 years I guess. fuh.

2nd plan would be learning how to cook. Take cooking seriously, learn every daily recipes first

then baking. I love eating.Dat's for sure.

3rd, learning a few other languages. I want to learn japanese and finnish.haha Ville valo punye


4th, read ebooks.I want to finish reading all ebooks on my hard disk.

I think dat's all for now.

Byk sgt plan kang haram xterbuat. hmphh.


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