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A - is for the last person that made you ANGRY: xde
B - is for BEER you prefer: Rootbeer
C - is for do you have a CAT? : My grandma's cat. Four of them
D - is for can you DANCE? : Definitely no.I'm worst than a stick
E - is for do you have your EARS pierced? : Yup.
F - is for your best FRIEND? : All of them are bestest!
G - is for did you ever watch GUTS on Nickelodeon? : No
H - is for the last person who HUGGED you? : *ehem*
I - is for close your eyes.. what IMAGE do you see? : Doors of light
J - is for have you ever been to JAIL? : never been there
K - is for when is the last time you flew a KITE? : Not even once..
L - is for your first LOVE : ba'ah
M - is for the last piece of MAIL you got? : em..can't remember
N - is for do you remember NERF guns? : I do have toy guns
O - is for do you OWN a car?: already have
P - is for your favorite PASTTIME? : surfing internet,watching dramas bla bla
Q - is for do you like peace & QUIET? : Love it!.
R - is for do you like the color RED? : my mum's favourite
S - is for how many hours of SLEEP you need to function? : 10 then it will be enough
T - is for what TIME is it? : 2.00 P.M afternoon
U - is for what is UNDER your bed? : Floors
V - is for what you did last VALENTINES day : emm lunch date with my friends
W - is for do you drink a lot of WATER? : luv it!
X - is for have you ever had an X-RAY? : last year. I thought that I broke my neck
Y - is for the last person you YELLED at? : Siblings
Z - is for have you ever watched ZORRO?: Yeah!! Love it

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