Convocation Day as an IPTS'ER

On the 31st October 2009, I was officially graduated from UNISEL in a
little-bit-need-to-be-improved graduation ceremony. hehe At first, I just feel
plain ordinary just like I'm going through an ordinary day. After my father parked
the car, we have to walk about 200 metres to the main hall which was okay
because almost all parents and graduates were walking as well.Once we arrivedat the Main Hall, I called wani and we both sailed trough the crowd and register
ourselves. After finished registered, wani said' rock pakai la baju convo' and
quickly I wear my robe and hat. I left her and kurin then went to the spot where
my family was waiting.

This time where all graduation's feeling starts. Suddenly
when my parents saw me in red maharaja's robe and hat, both my mak and abah
were excited and says, jom tangkap gambar. cepat2. My mak was in her glaring
eyes that filled with excitements and proud not the usual glaring eyes that I've
confronted when I am screwed and misbehaved. Same goes to my father. He
keeps smiling as never before as he's always try his best to hide his insufficient
teeth. haha. Eh I only graduated from small private university and they look
happy like that. Can't imagine if I was graduated from universities in overseas.
Only God knows how they would react during my convocation. Must be wild then.

Ok, ever since I started the courses, I would never expected that my
parents will turn out to be surprisingly happy and proud during my convocation
day. In this case, I will try my best to get into local IPTA'S for masters to witness
their reactions later. Perhaps it will make their blood-pressure gone high due to
something positive. I was once made my mak's BP gone high and cause one of
the arteries in the eyes got teared because I have shocked her with my
dangerous cornering during driving practice two years back. Come to think
about that, I always gave them heart-wrenching moment rather
than pure satisfaction and calm one. Damn you lame daughter. hehe

Hahaha the 'xbleh blah' convocation's robe.

p/s: My cousin once asked me after looking this picture, 'Weh kenapa ang konvo kat ladang kelapa sawit? damn u. wahaha

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