bye2 finals welcome, holiday!

today i already start the first day of my semester break.huarghh..3 weeks to be relaxing and berfoya2-ing with zero amount of problems,notes,assignments in my head.For me it is important to take a break on doing something.semester break is for us to' leave' what we usually do,leaving our campus area,leaving our peeps and our problems behind for a while. The first thing that i do when i'm cuti-ing is i will clear my head,doing something that relaxing myself and my minds,muhasabah diri,get close to my family,contacting old peeps and not toforget,get enough amount of sleep.Having a break is like physically and mentally preparation for incoming new semester.Although problems always bothering me while enjoying my cuti, i try not to think much about it.It is not easy actually to not thinking of your problems but my way of keep it away for a while is by doing something that gives you 'pleasure' feelings in heart such as talking to my adik-adik and try to make them happy, helping my parents,going out with my family and enjoy on doing things that i like.Problems will never stop approaching your life. At the beginning,i am not good in handling my problems.It's bothers me a lot and i keep thinking about it until i'm losing weight,hard to fall asleep and etc.But now i realize that 'tuhan menguji takkan berhenti' so don't think so much about it and try to live your life to the fullest.
till then,tataa.


haloo all,
can't remember when i create this blog, but only today i start to post something to be read off.
haha.a lot of things to do especially finals is just around the corner.well i try to read and understand all of the notes and i think if my eyes is 'cap parang' sure it will explode because reading too much.( i guess?). my eyes back,my hands soar,my mind sick, my heart broken..wish i manage to survive this finals. a lot of things happen to me and all of that really effect me and hopefully it will not effect my studies. mesia boleh!
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