I luv exploring every kinds of music's genre. Last month a friend of mine introduced me to genre call post-rock.I luv this genre because it never fails to hypnotized me with da beautiful melody. Mostly songs dat in this genre were instrumentals or less stress on vocals aspect and compared to the melody.But still, da lyrics are beautiful and carries deeper meaning to those who luv to diggin it.I'm still new to this genre and pardon me if I have made a wrong descriptions about it. u can always refer to wikipedia for any other information. These three bands are my current favourites at the moment.


This are band are local bands of post-rock dat I knew at the moment.
Well I'm still diggin into this new musics and hope there is other local bands out there dat carries this genre. I intended to watch them play at the KL urbanscape last june but sadly I'm fully occupied with my term paper and have to settle tons of work before I ended my degree. One song from them, hush, the dead are dreaming are enough for me to fall in love with this genre. After listening to other tracks from the album, twilight chase the sun, I found dat each tracks possesed their own uniqueness and shows a lot of effort in order to create these such beautiful melody.As for this band, I hope dat they will not stop in composing songs and I'm waitin for their second album. All da best for this band!

click here to listen


The tunes of piano in every song from this band are sooo beautiful. I wish dat I able to play their song on the piano. I wonder what kind of soul dat they might have while composing da song. Apart from piano tunes of every song, da drum part, guitar are all soulful and never fails to hynotize da listener. Most of da song are instrumental but there are songs dat have vocals part like travel is dangerous. I'm currently listening to almost all mogwai's song and I found dat I'm addicted to these two tracks. Friend of the night and travel is dangerous.For those who tired of listening to crappy lyrics,rapping, continuously singing and just want to relax enjoying instrumental song, I suggest for you to listen to mogwai. Enjoy!

Mogwai - friend of the night

Mogwai - travel is dangerous


Sigur ros is a post-rock band from Iceland with a meldic, classical and minimalist elements. The band is known for ethereal sound and lead singer Jónsi Birgisson's falsetto voice. Yeap falsetto.
voice like ning baizura or tarja turunen ex-singer nightwish. I only started listened to the songs from band last few days. I'm in love with their song staralfur. The song are very beautiful and relaxing. Because of the band are from Iceland, the songs are all in Icelandish and hopelandish, language of Iceland. If I'm not mistaken, there are songs in english.. I'm not quite about this. I'm still diggin da songs. Overall, I love da melody. Only one word is enough for all da songs from this genre(post-rock). They are all BEAUTIFUL. ho ho

Sigur ros - staralfur


After listening to the genre for about a month, I've found dat da songs are all slow song dat the tone will rise gradually until the end of da song. Listening to this genre really taught me to be patient and relax. I found dat it can a theraphy for me if I in stress moody and etcetera. There are a lot of theraphy out there and we just need to explore and try each one of them until we found one dat suits us da most. Some of us take shopping, reading as their theraphy in handling stressful life but as for me, I do enjoy in this way, by listening to musics. Wish I have an Ipod so I can store thousands of songs as I treasure them from time to time.

I love hunting good musics. It's kinda one of my passion.Luv it!

So, Let's Chillax !

p/s: Word spoken by dude from twilight. Can't remember his name. I think it is a combination of word chill an relax. Maybe.


hari ni menulis dlm bahasa melayu yg mls aku bapak la skema.
bahan gelakan je kang. hrini saje nk bg credits kpd adik aku yg edit2 html bagai kat blog ni.
siut je budak2 skrg.bru umor 14 dh tau bab2 html shit2 ni sume.haha
aku umor 14thn dulu haram xkenal pe jadah nye html2 ni.
tp aku umor 14thn dh naek LRT,bus,teksi sorg2.kdg2 dgn kwn2.bangge2.
adik aku haram xdibagi kuar.yelah byk kes rogol sana sini.xmcm zaman aku dulu.

lain dah dunia aku dh sgt tua lak.

unchange routine of a teacher during practicum (reversed)

As I entered my house in rawang, bringing usual nasi lemak on that maghrib just coming back from school. After I washed my hands and start to wrap off the nasi lemak, syu my housemate says something to me.
'Rock,jom kuar'
Gi mana? I replied.
'Gi ar mana2. rock perasan x sejak praktikal ni, blik skolah, ngadap laptop, klau xngadap laptop,krohh krohh. asik benda yg sama je.syu dh bosan..'


Dat's my life during practicum. suddenly, I remembered those few words from my ex housemate, syu tonite. Hope she doing well at her hometown.
I remembered we went to mcd dat nite. Eating ice-creams and pie to enjoy a lil bit.Dat shows how bored we were. Got wrapped by tensions some more.Now I already finish my practicum.
My heads are crystal clear.hehe. or in other word, empty..
Yeap, da emptiness is still taste inside.

Miss rawang a lot.
Luv u all in Rawang
Wish u all da best among da best.


All my plans started when I got a job. Now I don't live. I just exist. Dat's how I wanted it to be.

Before this I've planned to relax for a month but now I decided to relax for only 2 weeks only.

Enough rest I guess. Started to feel boredddd already.huu.

After I got a job, i feel like enroll to guitar class. I just learned from books and youtube. Not enough I think. I want to learn guitar seriously. I have a guitar complete with the case, a gift from a


Now its very dusty as I left it on the corner of my room for about 2 years I guess. fuh.

2nd plan would be learning how to cook. Take cooking seriously, learn every daily recipes first

then baking. I love eating.Dat's for sure.

3rd, learning a few other languages. I want to learn japanese and finnish.haha Ville valo punye


4th, read ebooks.I want to finish reading all ebooks on my hard disk.

I think dat's all for now.

Byk sgt plan kang haram xterbuat. hmphh.



It's been 2 weeks since I ended my degree. I have met bunch of my school mates in my hometown. we had a wonderful outing and chatted and laughed a lot. They're all grown up already. Me?I'm still actin like a kid.sempoi dress up, talkin all craps,laughin and laughin. Unlike them, they take adulthood as serious business. Dress up a lot more like a lady. Yeah we've approached22 already.

Me? yeah, I do grown up. Growing up processes never stop in me as it grows rapidly in minds. I might think farther thanm you although I look immature and shorter. heh. Who knows? Pls again don't judge a book by its cover. Pathetic ya know. Judge others based on their thinkin and experience. Now dat's cool.

peace out

nyanyi di lautan.shitty.

I surely think that I am mature but do my minds out of sanity?

Gotta 'refill it' up later


ends and empty

4 years back I've travelled to unisel to further my study and now, it's already the end.Thousands of people,experience that i've been through all this time. now i'm content,prepared to face da world compared to last 4 years. thanks to my mum after all of her sacrifices on funding my studies these 4 years. The day i ended my practicum, the day I submitted my term paper were da last few days of me as a student. I feel soulless.I'm cool wif emptiness before but this time it really kills. Feels like all my spirits were gone.Looking my pathetic condition,glow suggested watch transformers dat evening. Although da movie are extremely fun as i am a huge fan of transformers, i don't feel a thing. da sadness, emptiness are very thick and not a single pleasure,happiness able to inject this soulless body. I'm in grief. I admit it.This 'thing' running in my blood for all this time and now they are all gone.I'm not good in coping with changes. I wish it could be so simple and just deal wif it.But it is not. Not at all.
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