It's been 2 weeks since I ended my degree. I have met bunch of my school mates in my hometown. we had a wonderful outing and chatted and laughed a lot. They're all grown up already. Me?I'm still actin like a kid.sempoi dress up, talkin all craps,laughin and laughin. Unlike them, they take adulthood as serious business. Dress up a lot more like a lady. Yeah we've approached22 already.

Me? yeah, I do grown up. Growing up processes never stop in me as it grows rapidly in minds. I might think farther thanm you although I look immature and shorter. heh. Who knows? Pls again don't judge a book by its cover. Pathetic ya know. Judge others based on their thinkin and experience. Now dat's cool.

peace out

nyanyi di lautan.shitty.

I surely think that I am mature but do my minds out of sanity?

Gotta 'refill it' up later


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