Shields from pornographic are gone nowadays

Pornographic are widely exposed these days. The least we can see from tv's is holding hands and kissing has become common. As far as I remember, back in the 90's, there are intimate stuffs and scenes in the tv shows but most of all group hugging, parent hug each other, lovebirds whispers their love by watching each other eyes and etcetera. It was portrayed implicitly before. It is a commons sense that any children would know that these are series of intimacies that every human shares. It is also symbolize love in universal. Unfortunately, now it has been portrayed in straightforward form such as kissing and make out.

To make things worst, there comes internet. At the age of 8 I wouldn't know what a computer is, let alone internet. Nowadays, as young as six, children had been exposed to computers and internet.Once they know how to spell and write, they know what they want to find. After watching their siblings work out the computer games and internet, this young tiny generation start to follow blindly whatever that their siblings did or done in the internet. No matter how many times the eldest says go away, go somewhere else, gi jauh2, he/she will loyally stay and watch together with the eldest. Plus, with the innocent cute face he/she's use while begging the parents to see and permission is always granted as he or she is the dearest. How do I know? well based on my experience off course.

Here comes my story about pornographic. This story not involving mine so pardon me if you readers expect me to share my stories with porn video. wahaha.OK, all of siblings has a facebook account so do my younger sister. The account was made because she always distract others account only to play farmville, farmtown mini games like that. She was fully monitored when she is surfing the internet. That is because one of my siblings always sit with her while playing the computer and surfing the internet. After a few months my siblings stops sitting with her because she's basically know the fundamentals of surfing the net. For examples, how to log in, what is her own password and username and etc. facebook, myspace, friendster and other sites has been bookmarked in the computer. She will only need to double-click the icon and it will pop out on the screen. Wow, I am soo high tech compared to my classmates! says my sister in her minds, as it well read by us,the great eldest. Haha

Usually, my sister tend to play mini flash games on facebook but one day, she start doing the quizzes on facebook. To my horror, she did a quiz on what random sex object are you. OT! a.k.a OMG! Where she got the quiz I don't know. As far as I remember, I didn't do quizzes like that. If it appears on my wall or stuff but NO, we all the siblings wouldn't even waste our times doing quizzes like that. I don't think they would know what is sex object at the first place but then my youngest sister did the quiz and obtained the result.

Rachun Donia!

For those who cannot see the picture, she was taken the quiz on what random sex object are you and obtained result pink rubber dildo. With the descriptions, 'You are the original rubber dildo! You are original, plain,simple yet classy! You are not high-tech or crazy! bla bla bla the rest is censored as me myself wanna puke after reading that. So basically the quiz is about portraying how you are in s*x. Blergh.

The best part is, she even sent the invitation of this quiz to several cousins,friends including me. My cousins who got the quiz invitation were shocked and quickly gave us a call and asked us to monitored this naive person from time to time. Hehe. After a short lecture and histerical laughs from us, we decided to close the case and be EXTRA careful when she is surfing the net. Wahaha adoi sakit perut gelak.


Anonymous said...

It was Iman, wasn't it??

I Z Z A T I said...


norshafawati said...

He he. Mesti terkejut gile korang mase dapat tau neh. Gile ah.. kalau aku ade adik, aku pun tatau nak wat pe. =p

iman ): said...

one ! asal tulis kat blog one ha ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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