What I did during the long hiatus 1

1. Working life

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December 2009, the date where I had started working. Long before that, I was clueless on what I want to do in life after graduated. Therefore I had decided to just apply any job that related with my course and does not required any working experience I had never worked before and plus I was a fresh grad then.

So I went to several interviews and had been offered to work with Vads as customer service representative. With a bit knowledge on IT and a bit communication skills I had decided to accept the offer. I accept this offer mainly because I don't want to be choosy as I was only a fresh grad with zero experience back then. I had studied about the job and found the job was extreme challenging job because it requires huge amount of patient so we can put up with silly, raging customers everyday. This job was all about helping customers troubleshoot their stremyx (internet product from TM) problem via phone and I believe that everyone know how ridiculous the service can be at times, or most of the time at certain area.

I had been ordered to attend the product training for two months and passed. During the training I had met group of good people that became my colleagues in work. We mingled very well as we had organized a trip together, very close to each other, everyone also was very helpful in work and most importantly, no so called 'office politics' were involved during that time as I can recalled.

Ah my BB is running out of battery and I gues I shall continue my story on the next post. Till then!

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♥ irish ♥~ said...

weeee... i'm still there... cepat sambong "Working life 2" plak... ape sekerat jerh tulisnyer... hik2~

miss u cik TT...(^___^')v

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