a daily routine of a holiday supporter

Tuesday july 22th, I wake up at 9.a.m in the morning, have a short bathe then go to the nearest shop buying newspaper. After I got back home, I relaxed a little bit reading newspaper that I'd bought. there's a news on electric car.I don't think every malaysian want this kind of car.We'll be very thankful enough if the petrol price is decreasing Mr. Government oi. Another news..hmm on anwar's sexual intercouse between saiful.em..no comment on that,only..anwar ibrahim looks skinnier than before..After finished reading the newspaper, I get ready to go to wani's house in kepong. I had promised with her to register muet examination together at selayang mall. After settling muet registration, me and sleepy wani haha went to lower ground floor (if i'm not mistaken) of selayang mall. wani wants to try on soaking feet into the fish tank. its for medication.(as been told by wani). I gave a try and hallamak geli siutt.I was laughing histerically (but in polite manner off course.sounds a lil bit like uihiik uhikk haha).after finished soaking our feet, we decided to have lunch at kfc, shopping a lil bit at giant and watson. back home at around 4 p.m. After got back home, I fell asleep and wake up at 9 p.m.OMG,thats the terrible part of me, I always fall asleep all in sudden and end up waking up at least 4 hours after that.hadoii..guess I have excessive amount of sleep in my life.compared to anyone else. hmm..

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